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Game Of Thrones Exclusive Private Direwolves Audience, Locations from all 6 seasons & the 10 Kings Road Doors!
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Exclusive Meet The Direwolves! EXCLUSIVE! Chauffeur Car Services has the exclusive right to all private tours with the direwolves. You can meet them at a time that suits you. Where-Wolves? We can arrange for the you to visit them in their natural habitat or we can bring them to you. Ever wondered what the Direwolves would be like in real life? Well now is your chance….. HBO® were unable to use real wolves in filming due to UK laws so the production team used Northern Inuit dogs as these are the closest thing to a real wolf. Want to meet them?

"Getting to meet the direwolves was an incredible experience. They were so friendly and the guys who look after them where very accommodating and full of wonderful stories.".

Joen Noel

Open The Doors To GAME OF THRONES HOlD the DOoR See the famous Game Of Thrones doors from all 10 episodes of season 6, each with their own tale to tell. Don’t forget to close the door! Tavern Tour A fancy pub crawl with fancy ales and food. We can take you to each location in 1 day or several with other sites from seasons 1 - 6 included. When a storm devastated the dark hedges (Kings Road) some of the trees were destroyed. But the wood was salvaged and 10 incredible doors for each episode of season 6 were created and placed at various locations in Northern Ireland – the Home of Thrones.

"Who would have thought doors where interesting! Incrediable 2 day tour covering all of the doors and locations. Great food, drink & "craic" at these pubs. Well worth it ".

Jenny Grainger

Enter The World Of Westeros & Essos Inside Info Not only will you visit sites from the filming of the series, but you will also get inside info, gossip, pics and an inside perspective of what its like on set. Costumes You can enhance your journey with various costumes and props. Why not take the black or chop of a deserter’s head or two? The Game of Thrones world can be darker than Ramsey Bolton’s mind and more twisted than Cersei Lannister’s soul. Thank the gods then, that the scenery is so utterly beautiful. But remember: landscapes like this can only be found in Northern Ireland. So sharpen your sword, tighten your shield-strap and set forth on a journey.

"Phillip's insights about the GoT sites and Irish history made the difference. Private tour was fantastic. We had no detailed idea before hand what the specific sites were, Phillip brought his Ipad with the scenes which we viewed before each stop."

Mark Warren

Please note: These tours are independently operated by Chauffeur Car Services. They are not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with Game of Thrones.

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